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Three major European reference materials producers have combined forces to produce a brand new standard in reference materials to ensure reliability and comparability of the results of chemical analysis.


European Reference Materials are certified materials, which undergo uncompromising peer evaluation and offer highest quality and reliability.


They are a major tool for improving the confidence in, and the mutual recognition of test results and certificates in a global market. CRMs comply with high metrological requirements, ensuring traceability of measurements results, and are the end-point of the traceability chain, thus being primary standards in chemistry.  


 List of European Reference Materials[53Kb] (21.03.2017)

The ERM Consortium of BAM, LGC and JRC announce the departure of JRC from the Consortium.
In July 2016, the JRC underwent a major re-organization including a significant change of its strategic orientation. JRC's involvement in the activities organised by the International Committee on Weights and Measures (CIPM) will be reduced significantly. The resulting change in status of the JRC's Reference Materials Unit led to a decision to step out of the ERM consortium as of 1st July 2017. Existing ERMs from all Consortium partners will continue to be available through existing distributors. BAM and LGC will continue to cooperate under the principles and terms established by the ERM initiative and all three parties will work together, and with other providers, to ensure effective coordination of RM production.
Latest update 3 October, 2017
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