How Online Charitable Gambling Websites Use Gambling Money for Noble Causes


Given the yearly turnover of the online casino industry, many people are wondering what are online casinos doing to help those in need. Many people are having fun every day, by gambling and visiting the numerous UK Online Football Bookmakers, which makes online casinos very popular places on the Internet. Thankfully, many casinos are helping the global community by aiding charitable causes around the world.

Charity gambling is by definition a “form of incentivized giving”, which means that a part of the income that gambling activities earn goes to charity organizations.  A portion of these proceeds is used for environmental preservation because some casinos realized that they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing about the ongoing global warming issues. So, they decided to do something about it.

How do gambling operators in the UK give back to the community?

First of all, we need to say that only lotteries that raise money for charity are permitted in the UK. By law, 20% of the total value from the winning lottery ticket must go to charity. These charitable lotteries can have a maximum jackpot of £200.000 while the National Jackpot is limitless. Unfortunately, online gambling that operates offshore of the UK is not regulated in the same way. Charity lotteries have a couple of ground rules:

  1. They operate without political interference
  2. They don’t retain private profits
  3. They support charity organizations’ general objectives rather than specific activities

However, an online bingo site called BigHeartBingo has decided to raise funds the same way that lotteries do, due to the increasing popularity over the years. BigHeartBingo is the world’s first charity bingo site, and they raise funds for major charities like Save the Children, Age Concern, Royal Institute of Blind People, and many more.

For instance, has pledged to donate money to charity. Gaming Corporation launched a website, and they guaranteed to give 10% of gross profits to charities. But betting sites are not the only ones in the gambling industry to help charity organizations.

Worldwide support from the biggest casino brands

There is a huge number of them, but according to online casino portal standards, William Hill is one of the leading casino brands of the world. They have offices in countless countries and are renowned for fulfilling their social obligations; they don’t neglect a higher duty to the community.

The company is seemingly backing Responsible Gambling Trust (RTG) which is one of the major charitable fundraisers of the online casino industry. William Hill has also donated more than £40.000 to numerous charities, including sending their staff members to struggling regions of the continent to aid local communities.  

More precisely, the tragedy that happened in Sierra Leone and Liberia, the deadly Ebola virus that harmed millions of lives, encouraged the 888 Casino to make a difference. 888 Casino VIP members have raised more than $25.000 in a matter of weeks to aid the cause. Also, 888 Casino regularly donates money to areas that suffered from natural disasters, supporting their recovery.  

It’s important to keep the charitable spirit high

The online casino industry perhaps has the reputation of being greedy and selfish, but the reality is that they are very generous too. Hundreds of online casinos, like LeoVegas, regularly help good causes by donating a substantial amount of money to philanthropic organizations.

With all being said, it’s important that we keep this ongoing trend alive and help those in need, because a friend in need is a friend indeed.