The internet of things and the impact it has on the gaming industry


The internet of things is becoming a particularly interesting topic of conversation in every aspect of our lives; workplaces and outside of it. It is a trend that has a potential to change the way we live and how we work. There are a lot of complexities and ongoing debates around IoT, as many people are still wondering about its policy and the technical-related features. Connecting machines and devices through IoT offers a great potential for a “fourth industrial revolution”, which many experts predict will have happened by 2020. Let’s discuss about the IoT features and figure out how will this network alter our lives.

What exactly is the Internet of Things and how does it affect the gambling industry?

A lot of people love to gamble, play slot machines with various promo codes – for example in Ukraine промокод вулкан is very popular. When they gamble, they choose to do it online. Obviously, they too will be affected by the IoT, but let’s see how.

 In its broadest sense, the concept of the Internet of Things is to enable devices to “communicate” with each other. This includes any device embedded with electronics, sensors, and software, and also applies to machine components as well.  By combining these sophisticated devices with automated systems, it provides a possibility to gather information and create an action. Some analytics companies have predicted that by 2020 there will have been over 20 billion devices connected.

What this means to gambling operators is that their software developers will make more advanced games with high-class features. This improvement will increase the reach and reception of mobile slots and thus enable the casinos to increase their popularity to an even greater extent. In recent years, online casinos have experienced a significant shift from desktop games to mobile games. IoT advanced devices will help players play their favorite games without a hitch and deliver another dimension to the online gambling sphere. IoT will also leave its mark on other industries, for instance, the gaming industry.

Internet of Things – game changer for the gaming industry

IoT will transform the way people live by connecting sensors and other electronics with each other through local networks and the web itself. It provides a way for individuals and business corporations alike to share information and gather the infinite amount of data on an unprecedented scale. This technology will provide gaming operators with a chance to interact with players via a highly-beneficial and rewarding channel.      

Gaming operators already rely on analytics and the development of app tools to keep track of players and keep them interested and entertained at all times. Loyalty programs have always managed to attract players through rewards and incentives for continuing to play, all the while letting the operator maximize its profit. The Internet of Things has a couple of ways to reach its full potential and revolutionize online gaming. One of them is to bridge the gap between the player and the platform, and the other is to incorporate online platforms into physical casinos.

Usage of IoT is even more encouraged by the increasing usage of mobile devices, as the two are closely connected. Smartphones and tablets contain a wide range of cameras, touch sensors, and even heart rate monitors; apps that could gather some vital data on the experience of a user. By tracking the appropriate data, online gaming platforms could determine an ideal way to monitor customers and see how they respond to internet games.  By having more internet devices, game operators and casinos will have more tools for player engagement at their disposal.

The magic of the mobile gaming lies in the fact that it offers a pleasant and convenient environment for players, and it allows them to always stay connected. Game operators could keep the players motivated by giving them periodical rewards, ask for their feedback and etc.