How to finance cleaning up our planet — keep the earth clean through smart decision — making


If we want to make a better future where no one is left behind, it is necessary to apply the principles of finance and economics properly and to use scarce capital to solve environmental issues. We need to unite and support strong efforts towards a cleaner environment and a healthier planet. It only takes a few logical choices to lessen our impact on the planet.  We already have the necessary technology, as we already use it for various things, from flying into space, to watching our favorite TV shows wherever we go. So why not use it for a noble cause, too?

Taxing gambling

One way for collecting the necessary resources for cleaning up our planet could be through gambling. There are many countries where gambling is illegal, and that’s where the potential investment opportunity lies. If gambling were to be legalized and taxed reasonably enough, a lot of profit could go to the country. If only a part of the increased taxes went to the environmental causes, it would be a win-win situation for the gambling industry and the environment. By putting a higher tax rate on casinos or lottery games, the country would receive a higher percentage of profit, and many environmental issues would be solved. The gambling industry is making a lot of money, so increasing gambling taxes presents an effective way to collect some money and utilize it to solve some critical environmental problems.  

Green investment

Green investing, Eco-investing or socially responsible investing (SRI) is a form of responsible investing where investment activities are focused on the conservation of natural resources and the production of alternative energy sources. Companies are trying to support environmentally friendly projects including clean air, water, and other environmentally conscious business practices.  

The term “green investment” is in a grey area at the moment because there are different opinions on what qualifies as a green investment. Investors are primarily interested in companies that produce renewable fuels and build other energy-saving technologies. Investing in “green” companies can be a bit risky because most of these companies are still in their development stage. However, if investors were to realize that protecting the environment is of the utmost importance, instead of worrying about revenues and profit, green investing could be a productive way to put their money to noble causes.  

One of the ways to make proper green investments is to invest money into companies that focus on reducing the climate change, such as manufacturers of solar-or wind-power systems, emission-cutting devices, and energy-efficiency transforming systems. The significance of these projects is tremendous.   

Why are these funds important?

They matter because they offer a potential to solve many significant ongoing problems concerning environmental preservation. Furthermore, almost all factories emit carbon, and burning carbon produces more greenhouse gas than the extraction of it does. So, these funds could be used to reduce the emission of carbon in all companies, not just energy producers. By investing money into environmentally responsible companies in each sector, they can encourage the growth of those companies while creating a standard for all to bring down carbon emissions.  

Neglecting environmental issues in the economy is one of the major problems in today’s world, and proper financial projects need to be assembled if we want to save our planet from disaster.