Melting point reference materials - ERM-FC021a to ERM-FC029a

LGC has recently released a new range of melting point certified reference materials. The nine materials cover the range from 51 °C to 245 °C and are intended for use in the calibration and checking of apparatus for determining melting points of samples in glass capillary tubes.


Characterisation measurements were carried out at LGC under their ISO/IEC 17025 calibration accreditation and the materials were produced under LGC’s accreditation to ISO Guide 34 for the production of reference materials.

The materials are: ERM-FC021a Carbazole, ERM-FC022a 2-chloroanthraquinone, ERM-FC023a p-Anisic acid, ERM-FC024a Diphenyl acetic acid, ERM-FC025a Benzoic acid, ERM-FC026a Acetanilide, ERM-FC027a Benzil, ERM-FC028a Naphthalene and ERM-FC029a 4-Nitrotoluene

The new certified reference materials (ERM-FC021a) to ERM-FC029a are available commercially through LGC Standards.


Certificate: ERM-FC021aERM-FC022a, ERM-FC023a, ERM-FC024a, ERM-FC025a, ERM-FC026a, ERM-FC027a, ERM-FC028a, ERM-FC029a,


Latest update 16 November, 2012
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