How to search in the European Reference Materials' database?

Using the "ERM® database " search, you can find all the information available on one or several ERM CRMs.

  1. Define your search criteria (European Reference Material code, matrix/material, analyte/property, group)

  2. The search tool will display the following information on the materials: group and subgroup, material name, list of analytes and associated measurements, certificate and/or report and how to order.

For each specific European Reference Material found the following information are given:

  • Matrix/Material

  • Description

  • Group

  • Subgroup

  • Unit

  • Certified analyte

  • Price, currency

  • How to order (distributor(s) of the European Reference Material)

  • Document(s) (certificate, report*, origin*, MSDS sheet*)

* optional 


ERM catalogue


Latest update 9 July, 2015