European Reference Materials' groups and subgroups

European Reference Materials are organised into six different categories (groups) that in turn contain several subcategories.


Each group has been assigned a letter and another letter defines each subgroup in the main groups. The following table summarises the different groups and subgroups:



General Category Letter Subcategory Letter ERM code
Non-matrix -materials certified for purity and concentration, activity A Solid or liquid inorganic compounds and elements (pure and solutions) A AAXXX
Gases (pure and mixtures) B ABXXX
Solid or liquid small organic molecules (pure and solutions) C ACXXX
Organic macromolecules D ADXXX
Isotopically labeled materials E AEXXX
Others Z AZXXX
Food/Agriculture and related matrix materials certified for composition B Potable water and beverages A BAXXX
Animal matter B BBXXX
Plant/vegetation matter C BCXXX
Processed food and foodstuffs not covered above D BDXXX
Animal feeding stuffs E BEXXX
GM materials F BFXXX
Others Z BZXXX
Environmental and related matrix materials certified for composition C Waters (river, sea, ground) A CAXXX
Waste, effluents and leachates B CBXXX
Soils, sediments, sludge C CCXXX
Plant/vegetation matter D CDXXX
Animal bioindicator matter E CEXXX
Fly ash, fuel ash, incinerator ash F CFXXX
Others Z CZXXX
Health-related matrix materials certified for composition D Human body fluids: serum, urine, etc A DAXXX
Human tissue: hair, bone, teeth, etc B DBXXX
Others Z DZXXX
Industrial and engineering materials certified for composition E Ferrous alloys A EAXXX
Non-ferrous alloys B EBXXX
Polymers, plastics C ECXXX
Glasses, ceramics D EDXXX
Minerals, ores, rocks, clays E EEXXX
Fuels, coal, diesel F EFXXX
Semiconductors G EGXXX
Others Z EZXXX
Materials certified for physical properties F Mechanical properties (e.g hardness, impact toughness, viscosity) A FAXXX
Optical properties (e.g. Wavelength and absorbance materials) B FBXXX
Thermal properties (e.g thermal conductivity, calorific value) C FCXXX
Morphological properties (e.g Particle size, surface area) D FDXXX
Others Z FZXXX

Latest update 1 March, 2007
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